Pope Benedict XVI’s address

For those interested, here’s an article from Catholic News (6th July) that might be worth a read:

“If the faith is to flourish… It needs to strike deep roots”

This article is the papal address by Pope Benedict XVI given to the archbishops and bishops of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei when they were in Rome for their Ad Limina visit.

One of the things I like most about Pope Benedict is his simple addresses. He might be addressing his fellow bishops, but he speaks using a language that is simple enough for anyone to understand, especially the laity. This is a mark of a good speaker, and kind of reminds me of Father William Goh, who is also able to speak at the level of his audience. Perhaps it has something that theologians have in common?

On a topic related to the title of this post, did you know that Pope Benedict does not live in Rome? I remember this from reading an encyclopedia when I was a kid – that the Vatican City though located in Rome itself, is not Rome. It’s a separate state of its own and is the smallest independent state in the world in terms of both population and area.

So what’s the Pope’s address? Well, actually, I don’t know. I know that he stays at the Papal Apartments of the Papal Palace just off St. Peter’s Square, but if you were to write a personal letter to the pope, how would you address it? I don’t think…

Pope Benedict XVI
Papal Apartments
Papal Palace
State of the Vatican City

… would cut it… do you?

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