Catholic Writings written!

Thank you, everyone, for having followed this blog over these 3+ years!

Catholic Writings was born for several reasons, but most of all, it defined who I was, and it has defined who I’ve been in these past few years – a Catholic writer. But since I went for World Youth Day last year in Australia, I’ve slowly come to be more aware of a fine-tuning of the vocation that God has been calling me to.

It began with a workshop by Catherine Smibert, a Catholic journalist who opened my eyes to see the vocation of being in Catholic media. It continued with a discovery and affirmation of my charism sin a Called & Gifted workshop. Lately, Pope Benedict XVI’s message for World Communication Sunday, has lit the way for me, and now I think I know where to go next.

So now I come to a crossroads of sorts – how can I best live out what God is calling me to? For me, it calls for a fresh start. I’ve written some wonderful articles in this blog, and many that I am ashamed of. It is time to start afresh. I would not say that this chapter of my life is closed, but rather, it has paved the way for a new chapter to begin.

Writing has and always will be important to me, but it is not enough in the new leg of the journey, in the new chapter of the book of Life. Now, like the donkey that carried Jesus to Jerusalem (and we all know how stubborn donkeys can be!), I will try to be that donkey to bring Christ to a new world – the digital continent that Pope Benedict calls us young people to evangelize.

I invite you, friends, to accompany me on this journey through unfamiliar territory through my new blog at: It’s going to be new in many ways, and yet, incorporating what I’ve learned here at Catholic Writings. See you at Digital Donkey!

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